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Pain: Organic Pink Drink

Pain: Organic Pink Drink

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Witches Brew Pain Blend- Dragonfruit, lemon, blueberry, agave NEW FLAVOR! Organic and all natural!!

What's in the mix? Read below

Possible benefits:

-Kava: Mouth numbing & uplifting. Great for mood and being social.

-Akuamma seed: Pain relief similar to the effects of kr@tom, without the addiction

-Incarvillea sinesis- Nerve pain agent

-Wild Lettuce: Pain relief (Natures strongest natural "opiate")

-Blue Lotus: Muscle relaxation, muscle spasms, sleep aid

-Magnesium: Promotes hydration, good for muscles

-L-theanine: Mental clarity & focus. Relaxes mind and body

Supplement Directions: 
Single Tea: Add 1 Tablespoon to 4oz of water
Double Tea: Add 2 Tablespoons to 8oz. of water
Booster: Add 1 Tablespoon to K or kava drinks to sweeten and potentiate

Each serving of Witches Kava is equal to 2 "shells" of kava PLUS the blend of natures strongest herbs. So basically you get 8 shells in the small bag as 4 servings. Enjoy a euphoric effect, fast! Yes, it is strong!

I have curated this blend as a chronic pain patient for the last 8 years. I researched a full body blend to help bone pain, muscle pain, nerve pain, joint pain and to still relax your mind as dealing with pain is HARD! There have been success stories with acute injuries and chronic conditions. I stand by the benefits of this tea blend! It numbs yet also heals, even on my worst pain days.

Instant Pink Drink mix that tastes sweet and refreshing:
A powerful blend of pain killing herbs. This blend is great for a wide variety of symptoms. Possible benefits: It boosts mood, kills pain, relaxes muscles, helps nerve pain, supports hydration and calms the body and mind! 

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