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Introducing our Exquisite Kava Collection: Fijian, Solomon, and Vanuatu Cultivars. After a 7 year search we found what we believe is the best quality kava we have ever found. Our standards are best quality only! We did not even sell traditional root until we got the perfect one. So introducing Witches Kava KAVA ROOT POWDER! Instant and traditional.

Choose from our 3 Kava's:

Fijian Elegance (Super Micronized Instant): This is our only instant, micronized kava. Easy to use, just add water and stir. This is not a gritty instant kava, it is smooth and delicious! Indulge in the luxurious experience of Fijian kava cultivars, renowned for their powerful mind and body relaxation. Savor the very essence of smoothness with the least peppery notes, making it an easy, delightful drink any time of day. Fijian kava is the epitome of calming and mood-elevating elixirs, socially uplifting and perfect for all occasions. 

Solomon Serenity: Embark on a tranquil voyage with Solomon kava cultivars, where lighter headiness meets lengthier uplifting effects. Revel in the smooth, slow onset of relaxation, creating an overall body and mind serenity. This socially uplifting blend is easy on the palate, offering a powerful all-encompassing sense of well-being. Immerse yourself in the potency and sophistication of Solomon kava. Brewing is necessary with this kava root powder, view our blog for easy recipe instructions.

Vanuatu Bliss: For those new to the world of kava or seasoned Kavasseurs alike, Vanuatu kava cultivars beckon with a promise of easy drinking and faster onset. Experience a refreshing mental clarity and initial euphoria, perfect for meaningful conversations. This blend gently eases anxiousness, quietens the mind, and releases overall tension, making it an ideal choice for winding down and chilling out after a long day. Brewing is necessary with this kava root powder, view our blog for easy recipe instructions.

Discover the rich tapestry of Fijian, Solomon, and Vanuatu kava cultivars, each offering a unique sensory journey for kava enthusiasts seeking the perfect blend of balanced effects and pure relaxation. 

Kilo's are all that is available. 8oz. and 16oz. bags are coming very soon. (New Launch!)

Just to show you how great this kava really is- ask us for our COA's (3rd Party Lab Testing) and we will send an email with the most current batch!

Unearth the essence of the Pacific with our meticulously curated Fijian, Solomon, and Vanuatu kava cultivars, each offering a distinctive journey into the heart of relaxation. Elevate your kava experience with our collection, where tradition meets modernity for a harmonious blend of calmness, sociability, and well-being.

If buying wholesale we have many more cultivars available, please reach out! Bulk Wholesale available on all products- inquire within

Unwind with Nature – Your Journey Begins With Witches Kava...

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