Discover the Magic of Kava Extract: The Complete Guide to Stress Supplements

Discover the Magic of Kava Extract: The Complete Guide to Stress Supplements

Discover the Magic of Kava Extract!

-Written by Witches Kava

Stress and anxiety are frequent problems that many of us deal with on a daily basis in today's fast-paced environment. Discovering a natural solution that successfully resolves these problems can have a profound impact. Let me introduce you to kava extract, a tried-and-true remedy that promotes calmness and relaxation. However, what is kava extract exactly, and what are its health benefits? In this article I will examine the history, uses, and advantages of kava extract, facilitating the integration of this potent natural treatment into your daily routine. As someone in the kava industry for almost a decade here is what I have learned...

What is Kava Extract?

Kava extract is derived from the root of the kava plant, concentrating its active compounds known as kavalactones. These kavalactones are responsible for the plant's sedative and anxiolytic properties. Kava can have many benefits:

Stress Reduction

The potential of kava extract to lessen stress is one of its main advantages. Kava aids in promoting a feeling of peace and relaxation without compromising mental clarity by interacting with neurotransmitters in the brain. Kava attaches to the same receptors in the brain that alcohol does, making a great alternative to relax without the terrible side effects of alcohol! No hangovers, no missed sleep or sleeping all day- you get the point! If your looking for a great mood booster read about the kava extract Mood blend here.

Anxiety Relief

Kava extract has been tested in clinical trials to be an effective way to reduce anxiety symptoms. It is frequently suggested as a safe, natural substitute for prescription drugs. Kava can provide immediate relief to panic, mood swings and psychiatric problems. It is best to use kava that comes from its original birthplace- the South Pacific Islands. These plants grow for years to then be uprooted. The roots are cleaned and can then be put into manufacturing. Kava extract is the extraction of the kavalactones- kava’s active ingredient. Makes for an easier taste if you cannot handle the traditional root drink.

Insomnia: Many kava drinkers get better sleep quality when taking kava extract. It helps to relax the mind and body, making it easier to fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Everyone I speak to in the kava community says this to be true. Personally I will sleep well once I fall asleep but I still struggle with severe insomnia. Adding Blue Lotus to my night routine has helped me fall asleep in the first place. 

Pain and tension in the body: In addition to its ability to ease tension and discomfort in the body, kava extract also has the ability to relax muscles, easing any nerve and muscle pain you may be experiencing. I have chronic pain and that is one of the reasons I turned to kava in the first place. It does not work alone as my pain hits a 7 on the pain scale everyday due to multiple injuries and chronic illness/ autoimmune. Blending kava with nature's strongest herbs is what has TRULY helped my pain.  That kava extract blend can be found here: PAIN BLEND. It has kava extract, akuamma seed, wild lettuce, incarvillea sinesis, blue lotus, magnesium and l-theanine. Even on my worst pain days this pain supplement has numbed my body.

Mood Stability: Regular use of kava extract has been associated with improved mood and a general sense of well-being. It can help to uplift your spirits and combat feelings of depression. We can all use a pick me up, especially with no serious side effects! Kava can cause some dehydration so make sure to keep using water. This MOOD BLEND actually has magnesium to offset the dehydration kava may cause.

 In conclusion, Kava Extract can be very beneficial to the mind and body. With new and innovative blends coming out like the ones I listed we can really target our supplemental needs.

Thanks for the read!

Renata- Witches Kava

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