Strongest Kava Extract: 30% vs. 70%

Strongest Kava Extract: 30% vs. 70%

Strongest Kava Extract: 30% vs. 70%

30% vs. 70% KAVA (kavalactones) 

The kava plant's roots are used to make kava extract, which is prized for its calming effects and capacity to encourage relaxation and stress alleviation. However, not every kava extract is the same. 30% and 70% kava extracts are two popular varieties, each having unique properties and advantages. To assist you in selecting the extract that best suits your needs, we'll examine the distinctions between these two in-depth in this post.

The percentage on a kava extract label refers to the concentration of kavalactones, the active compounds responsible for the herb's calming effects. In simple terms, a 30% kava extract contains 30% kavalactones, while a 70% extract contains 70% kavalactones. That's the basic math of it.

Mild Relaxation: 30% kava extract is best for anyone looking for a softer form of relaxation. It has a mild soothing effect and can be used on a daily basis without making you drowsy or sedated.

It’s easier to mix 30% kavalactone. A much smoother powder.

70% vs. 30% Kavalactones: aka Kava extract 

Deep Relaxation: 70% kava extract has a more effective and intense soothing effect due to its increased kavalactone content. It is appropriate for people looking for a more intense form of relaxation, especially after a very trying day.

Increased Risk of Overconsumption: Due to its potency, it's imperative to use 70% kava extract with caution and closely adhere to dose guidelines to prevent any side effects.

70% is not as water soluble as other 30% kava extract powder. As a master blender, I believe in this statement.



BTW we sell 30% kavalactones yet it's very strong, especially mixed with the herbs!



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