Spiritual Properties of Blue Lotus

Spiritual Properties of Blue Lotus

Spiritual Properties of Blue Lotus

Blue lotus, scientifically known as Nymphaea caerulea or Nelumbo nucifera, is a water lily with a rich history of cultural, religious, and spiritual significance. It is native to parts of Africa, Asia, and Australia and is often associated with ancient Egyptian and Mayan civilizations.

Within the physical body, blue lotus is often said to induce a sense of relaxation and calmness. Some people describe having a mild euphoric effect which can lead to reduction in stress and anxiety. Blue lotus has also been linked to aphrodisiac effects. Some users believe it enhances sensuality and may contribute to an increased libido.

What about spiritual uses for blue lotus?
Many herbs that are used for supplemental benefits to the physical body have
connections with the spiritual realm as well. Some of the associations used to have more secret code names (eye of newt, toe of frog, wool of bat). But more recent times have brought light to these ancient traditions in order to usher in a new age of witchcraft practices.
It is common when practicing witchcraft, wicca, or paganism to work with herbs in
some way. Ingesting them with food, tinctures, simmer pots, spell work, and rituals are just a few possibilities. Of course it is not a requirement and it certainly isn’t exclusive to witchcraft. Many cultures all over the world relate to these spiritual practices.

Here are some ways Blue Lotus may be utilized:

Spiritual Connection: Blue lotus is believed by some to have psychoactive and
mild sedative properties. In ancient cultures, it was used in religious and spiritual
ceremonies to induce a sense of euphoria and altered consciousness. Some
practitioners of modern witchcraft may use it to enhance meditation, divination,
or other spiritual practices.

Divination: Some practitioners may use blue lotus as part of divination rituals. It
is believed to help enhance psychic abilities and facilitate a deeper connection
with the spiritual realm, making it potentially useful for scrying, tarot readings, or
other forms of divination.

Lucid Dreaming: Blue lotus has a reputation for its connection to dreams and
altered states of consciousness. Some practitioners might use it to enhance
dreams, promote lucid dreaming, or for dream interpretation in their magical

Anointing Oils and Potions: Blue lotus extracts or tinctures may be used to
create anointing oils or potions. These could be applied to ritual tools, candles, or
the practitioner themselves as a way to infuse the energy of the blue lotus into a
magical working.

Love and Sex Magic: In some traditions, blue lotus is associated with love and
sexuality. It may be incorporated into spells or rituals focused on enhancing
romantic relationships, promoting sensuality, or attracting a romantic partner.

Altar Decor: Dried blue lotus flowers or petals may be used as decorative
elements on altars. Some practitioners believe that the presence of blue lotus
adds a mystical and serene energy to their sacred space. What really helps with any goal relating to healing (physically, mentally, emotionally) or spirituality, is intention. We live in a creative world in which the energy surrounding us is
intelligent energy, it is waiting to be directed. That is where the power of anything we do is amplified.

Even connecting to the plant spiritually through mediation can have a profound effect on the results it will have. Of course we don’t have to put that much thought into taking something that will chemically already know what to do. However, by being more intentional with what we are doing, how we are moving, and what we are putting in our body, can keep us more grounded and in the present moment. Which leads to a more fulfilling life and ultimately helps manage our thoughts and feelings. It is showing the universe how much you do care about your body. You are paying attention to even the little things.


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