How to make instant Kava: A recipe & Investigating all instant kava options

How to make instant Kava: A recipe & Investigating all instant kava options

How to make instant Kava: A recipe plus- Investigating all instant kava options! 

How to make instant kava?

The respected beverage kava, which is popular throughout the world for its relaxing and stress-relieving effects, is a staple in many Pacific island societies. Instant kava is the solution if you want to enjoy the calming effects of kava without having to go through the long conventional preparation process of kneading and squeezing. We'll lead you through the process of making your own instant kava in this guide, ensuring a simple and enjoyable experience. We will also recommend how to use kava extract powders, which we use in our instant teas. We will also investigate different types of kava ingestion weather it be liquids, powders or more.

What is instant kava?

Instant kava is a powdered version of the kava root that dissolves quickly and easily in water, offering a convenient way to consume this traditional beverage. Instant kava is a time-saving alternative to conventional kava preparation that keeps the intensity and flavor of the original root while saving hours of kneading and straining.

There are a few types of instant kava. Micronized, Instant, Liquid and Powdered extracts. A true instant kava is brewed as a tea then dehydrated. Different than micronized, which is kava ground into a very fine powder, then sifted to remove the maca. Maca is part of the root particles that can cause upset stomach and nausea. Not all micronized kava’s are created the same. Some may need straining at time of brewing to rid the rest of the maca. It may be hard to find the true instant kava you're looking for. 

Witches Kava doesn't carry micronized for that reason. Our forms of instant kava are: Liquid tinctures, extract powders and instant tea blends called Witches Brew.

Browse our inventory here if you don’t feel like making any of these kava’s yourself! However, here is a recipe if you're feeling daring!...


Ingredients needed for a regular micronized instant kava tea

Instant Kava Powder: Select a reliable supplier of instant kava powder that offers a noble, high-quality variety. Pick products with a reputation for quality and an open manufacturing process.


Warm Water: For the greatest results, use water that is at least 120°F (49°C). Avoid boiling water because the kavalactones, which are the active ingredients in kava, may lose some of their effectiveness at such high temperatures.


A Container: To mix your instant kava, you'll need a bowl or a shaker bottle. Make sure it is spotless and residue-free.


A Strainer (Optional): To remove any undissolved particles and get a smoother texture, use a fine-mesh strainer or kava strainer bag. Straining will ensure not getting any side effects like an upset stomach.

Step 1: Measure the kava

Measure out the necessary quantity of instant kava powder first. A typical serving size of 2-4 teaspoons per cup is advised, however if you're new to kava, it's best to start with less to determine your tolerance.


Step 2: Warm Water Prepared

Water should be heated to about 120°F (49°C). If you don't have a thermometer, just wait until the water is comfortably warm to the touch without being boiling.


  1. Combine the kava.

Put your container with the instant kava powder inside. Add the heated water gradually while stirring constantly. Make certain that the kava is completely blended, leaving no lumps or clumps. You can even use a hand mixer.


Allow it to steep in Step 4

Allow the mixture to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. As a result, the kavalactones can completely dissolve and infuse into the water.


Optional Straining in Step 5

Use a fine-mesh strainer or a kava strainer bag to strain the mixture for a smoother texture. Any leftover impurities will be eliminated, making the beverage clearer and taste better. 


Step 6: Get Set to Have Fun

You are now prepared to drink your instant kava. The ancient elixir's distinct flavor and calming properties can be enjoyed by pouring some into a cup and relaxing. A magical effect of euphoric relaxation, anxiety relief and a social elixir!


Advice for Getting the Most Out of Instant Kava:

Play around with ratios: To fit your taste preferences and desired potency, alter the proportions of kava and water.


Enhance Flavor (Optional): To improve the flavor, use sweeteners like honey, agave syrup, or coconut milk. My favorite is adding a scoop of Witches Brew (it flavours and potentiates your kava drinks too!) Use only 1 scoop for singles vs. 2 scoops for doubles.


Conscious Consumption: If you've never tried kava before, start with a smaller amount to see how it affects you.


Select High-Quality Kava: Choose trustworthy vendors to get the purest immediate kava possible. Feel free to reach out to us for recommendations on social media!





You may easily make your own instant kava by following these instructions and set out on a voyage of calm and relaxation. Always keep in mind that practice makes perfect, so don't be afraid to modify the procedure to fit your preferences. Take care when consuming your instant kava and appreciate its calming effects. As always- BULA!!! 

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