“5 years of daily kava use”- I’m an advocate and here’s 3 reasons why

“5 years of daily kava use”- I’m an advocate and here’s 3 reasons why

“5 years of daily kava use”- I’m an advocate and here’s 3 reasons why

 Hi my name is Renata and I’ve been using kava everyday for the last 4 years. I bet you want me to say something bad about it. Why? Because it doesn't put money in the pockets of big pharma. I am here to advocate for kava because over the last 5 years kava has changed my life in amazing ways.

Reason #1 Mood and energy:

I know I talk a lot about my chronic illness, but you don’t need to be in chronic pain to enjoy kava. It is such a powerful social tool. Using kava has different effects with the different strains. Some more heady and some more body. I like the mix of 50/50. You'll get about as much energy as a cup of coffee from the heady strains. However, no jitters, just calm. The body strains will relax your muscles and still ease the mind. It has a numbing sensation to the mouth. Overall I'd describe the experience as calming, without altering your motor functions that keep you sober.

Reason #2 Sobriety:

Now this can be a touchy subject because some people categorize kava as a drug. I mean it is, but it’s mostly just a plant that won’t ruin your life in the way alcohol does. So maybe sober is not the perfect word, but for sure kava helps people get off hard drugs and alcohol. I quit drinking a long time before I found kava and honestly life was lonely for a long time. All I did was work, and no play. When I moved to Florida I noticed these things called kava bars were EVERYWHERE. It's basically a bar that only serves kava, kr@tom and coffee. I still had alot of social anxiety and was kind of weirded out about socializing sober for the first time. Kava helped me overcome those jitters and eventually I found a community again. This time with the right type of people. I now had a place to go anytime I was feeling alone and I thank every kava bar in St. Pete, Florida for that! Check your area as kava bars are opening all the time in more places, which is great! What a nice alternative to a bar.

Reason #3 Pain relief:

Unfortunately I have been dealt the cards of living with chronic pain and illness. It's been an emotional and physical rollercoaster over many years, but once I found kava and started using it daily- my life changed for the better. Taking kava has let me completely stop taking (my Rx) - an opioid I was prescribed for years. Now there are even days that I don't even notice if I haven't taken any of my other medications after having a few Bula’s (that’s cheers in Fiji). Giving me quality of life again, I spent years just laying in bed half the day. Kava is the best for pain relief, but also works as an anxiety aid, which I have a lot of!

Thanks, and as always- I’m a witch, not a doctor, so this information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition, it’s simply a blog!


**These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any medical condition. If you are utilizing dietary supplements or introducing new foods to your diet, always get medical counsel.

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